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Resources for AVR and Arduino microcontroller programming.


Arduino IDE with Akafugu Libraries included:

Akafugu Libraries package (use if you already have Arduino 1.0 or newer installed):

Boards file:

PS: See here if you need installation instructions.

Reference sheets

  • Microcontroller Reference Sheet v1.3 [Web] [A4] [A3] [PDF]
  • Microcontroller Reference Sheet Page 2 v1.3 [Web] [A4] [A3] [PDF]
  • Microcontroller Reference Sheet SMD [Web] [A4] [A3] [PDF]
  • ATXMega Reference Sheet v1.0 [Web] [A4] [A3] [PDF]
  • Electronics Reference Sheet v1.1b [Web] [A4] [A3] [PDF]


Microcontroller/Electronics reference/cheat sheets (2012.03.02)
Reference/cheat sheet for ATMegaXX8, ATTinyX413 and ATTinyX5/13 processors

Arduino IDE with Akafugu Libraries (2011.10.01)
Customized version of the Arduino IDE with Akafugu Libraries included

avr-gcc Installation Instructions (2011.10.01)
How to install the avr-gcc toolchain for Windows and OS X

Electronics Equipment (2011.10.01)
A list of required and recommended equipment for soldering and electronics assembly

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