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Meet the Akafuino X

NOV 15 2011

Meet the Akafuino X - A microcontroller board based on the Atmel XMega32A4 microcontroller:

Highlights of the XMega processor:

  • 5 UART’s with individual speed setting
  • Runs at 32MHz
  • 32k of flash memory
  • Onboard DAC

The Akafuino X can run Arduino sketches. It’s all thanks to the awesome XMegaduino project!

XMegaduino is a fork of the Arduino project: It adds support for the XMega line of processors to the Arduino IDE.

Akafuino X features:

  • Arduino form factor, compatible with tons of Arduino shields
  • Runs on 3.3V
  • All digital inputs are 5V tolerant
  • Compatible with all Akafugu Arduino libraries and products such as TWIDisplay and TWIKeyboard

When to use the Akafuino X over an Arduino board:

  • When you need a little more processing power (twice the amount of clock cycles!)
  • When you need a DAC (comes with a two-channel DAC onboard)
  • When you want to interface directly with 3.3V logic (no level converter neccesary)
  • When you need more I/O pins, Akafuino X adds 8 extra.
  • When you need a built in RTC.

The Akafuino X (along with XMegaduino 1.0 beta 1) is coming soon to the Akafugu Store!

Special thanks to Alex for the amazing work on avr-xboot.