About Us


Akafugu Corporation is a small electronics company that operates out of Tokyo, Japan. We specialize in fun and easy to use electronic gadgets. Our goal is to provide products that not only make prototyping faster and easier, but are also perfect for incorporation in finalized products.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: To make hardware development and prototyping simple!

Consider this scenario: You have a great idea for your next project. You want to make a speedometer to attach to your bike!

To do this, you will need to a display to display the current speed. Perhaps you want to log the highest speed to, so you'll add a button that will toggle between the current speed and the highest speed you've ever attained. To actually measure the speed, which is what you find interesting about this project, you want to try out several different methods. A reed switch and a magnet is probably a good place to start.

You start by hooking everything up and connecting all the wires, then you start coding, and before you know it you have spend hours just debugging your button input code just to get key debounce and key repeat to work properly, and you haven't even started on the display code yet.

Does this sound familiar? Even for modestly sized projects it is easy to get stuck with the little details instead of having more time to concentrate on what really matters: The main goal of your project!

This is where our philosophy comes into play: Need to get text onto a display? Just plug in four wires to our TWIDisplay and load up our easy to use Arduino library and you are ready.

Need to get user input quickly? Just plug in four wires to ourTWIKeyboard and load up our Arduino library and you have fully debounced easy to use key events at your disposal!

What's in a name?

The name Akafugu is composed of two Japanese words. The first word, AKA (written 赤 in Japanese) means the color red. The second word, FUGU means Pufferfish. (It is usually written in Hiragana as ふぐ or Katakana as フグ, but it can also be written with Kanji as 河豚).

To us the Fugu represents something quintessentially Japanese. It often shows up in Japanese paintings and in calligraphy: More often than not as a cute and endearing figure. At the same time there is a slightly sinister side to the Fugu: It is a highly prized food item, but its poison means that it can only be prepared by a certified chef!

Terms of Service

Please see our Terms of Service page

Contact Information

  • Company name: Akafugu Corporation (赤フグ株式会社)
  • E-mail: sales@akafugu.jp
  • Twitter: akafuguJP
  • Facebook: akafugucorporation
  • Github: https://github.com/akafugu

Resale inquiries are welcome. If you use our products to build something cool, don't hesitate to send us pictures!