Electronics Reference Sheet v1.0


Microcontroller reference sheet

UPDATE: Thanks for the feedback. We've fixed a few issues, made some clarifications and added a diode to the Electronics Reference Sheet. There is also a PDF version available.

Have you ever needed to look up how to connect a n-channel mosfet or a PNP transistor? Do you ever wonder how to hook up a p-channel mosfet to drive a LED?

No need to search the internet any more: With our Electronics Reference Sheet we have gathered all this information in the same place.

We've also added a new page for our Microprocessor Reference Sheet. It currently contains the ATMega164/324/644/1284 microprocessor with Arduino pinouts (from the Sanguino project). We've also added pinouts for the serial connector (found on Arduino boards that do not have a USB to serial connector) and the 10-pin ISP connector (this connector is obsolete, and is only included for reference for people who have boards that use it. If you are designing something from scratch, be sure to use the 6-pin ISP connector. This sheet still has some room, so we're open for suggestions. Our goal is to support a wide range of Atmel microcontrollers that are available in DIP packages.

Thanks to user feedback, we now offer all the reference sheets in three resolutions: A web-friendly 75 dpi version, an A4 (210x297 mm) 300 dpi version as well as an A3 (297x420 mm) 300 dpi version.

Go here to download.