Xmegaduino beta4 released!


We had originally plannet to hold off the beta 4 release of Xmegaduino until after Arduino had released the official 1.0.1. However, this week they decided to release another release candidate and wait with the golden release until end of the month.

In Xmegaduino we have some really exciting new things we wanted to put in the hands of our users, so we decided to release beta4 now instead of waiting.

Here are some of the new things in beta 4:

  • New avr-gcc 4.5.1, avr-libc 1.7.1 for all platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux 32/64)
  • Linux now comes with bundled avr-gcc and avr-libc
  • Use correct SPI port on Akafuino X (pin 10-13)
  • Upload sketch to XPlain using PDI

And these things are fixed by the arduino team for 1.0.1-rc2:

  • Translated to 20 different languages, incl Japanese
  • Only recompile changed files (which means faster uploads)

The new avr-gcc is especially interesting as it enables for support of even more Xmega processors including the new Xmega series that has built in USB support. This version of avr-gcc is also the same version as used by Atmel in Atmel Studio 5.0, 5.1 and 6.0.

Get the new Xmegaduino beta4 here!

Please give the new beta a test-spin and report any problems in github's issue tracker!