New Products


We have just released two new products in our store: The long-awaited IV-6 shield for the VFD Modular Clock and LED Candle, an artificial tea candle.

VFD Modular Clock with IV-6 shield

A couple of months back, we posted a sneak preview of a few new shields for our VFD Modular Clock that we were working on. We've been silent since then, but that ends today. You can now buy the VFD Modular Clock with IV-6 tubes in our store. IV-6 tubes are compact 7-segment display tubes, the shield comes with 6 of them, showing hours, minutes and seconds.

The clock's firmware will automatically detect this shield and adjust for it. The firmware on all shipped VFD Clocks support the shield already (although we do have a new firmware version that we will supply on future clocks that has a few extra functions).

You can buy the VFD Modular Clock with IV-6 shield or theIV-17 shield today. If you already have the IV-17 shield and would like to add another shield, contact us by email as this option is not yet available in the shop.

LED Candle

LED Candle is an artificial tea candle that comes in an easy to solder kit. It is suitable for beginners to soldering: There are only a few parts and clear easy to follow instructions on our website. It runs on a single CR2032 3V lithium battery.

We got the idea for the LED Candle on instructables, and decided to make the design fully open source. Both firmware and PCB CAD files are available on github.