New Product - Simpleclock


Simpleclock is an easy to assemble attractive 4-digit 7-segment LED display clock with temperature and alarm function. It is available in three display colors: Red, Blue and White.

It comes as a kit of through-the-hole parts and can be soldered by any person with basic soldering experience. An attractive acrylic stand is included.

The firmware is open source, and is written in the Arduino IDE allowing anyone to modify and program the clock easily (for programming, an

FTDI adapter is required. If you don't have one, you can buy it from our shop along with simpleclock.)

It is perfect for beginners to soldering, as well as as a starting point for tinkering with the Arduino IDE: Just download the code from our GitHub repository, connect an FTDI cable and you are ready to begin hacking.

The clock comes with a simple to use firmware already flashed to the included ATMega328P microcontroller (comes with Arduino bootloader installed), so it can of course also be used as a standalone clock. Just plug in a USB mini-b connector to your computer or to a 5V regulated USB power supply.


  • Clock and alarm
  • Thermometer
  • Simple to use menu system (same interface as the null)
  • Open source firmware written in Arduino
  • Arduino bootloader and serial pin header for easy re-programming using an FTDI adapter
  • Comes with detachable TWIDisplay: Use either with the clock backpack or connect another Arduino or microcontroller with TWI/I2C support to re-use the display for your own project.

Head over to the product page for more information.