Microcontroller Reference Sheet SMD v1.0


Microcontroller reference sheet

Our microcontroller reference sheets have been popular and we've received lots of great feedback.

We've added a new sheet that covers most of the chips that were missing in the Atmel ATmega and ATTiny families, specifically the ones that come in only SMD packages. The chips included are ATtiny 4/5/9/10/20/40/24a/44/84a/43u/87 and 167. We've also added the ATmega8/48/88/268/328 in TQFP package which has a different pinout than the DIP package covered in the original reference sheet.

As we used the reference sheets ourselves, we realized that there was one thing we always had to go back to the datasheets to double-check: Namely which PWM is connected to which counter (this information is required to set up timers and PWM when programming in low-level avr-gcc). We've added the timer information after the * sign that indicates a PWM pin.

Let us know what you think... is this information you've been missing, or is does it make the sheet too crowded? Depending on your feedback we'll decide whether or not to add this info to the other reference sheets.

Go here to download.