Tokyo HackerSpace Moving In Party


Tokyo HackerSpace recently moved to a new location, and yesterday we attended their moving in party!

The new location is in the middle of Shibuya, one of the busiest shopping and leisure areas of the city, known especially as a meeting place for young people (along with the neighboring Harajuku). The new space is located just a few minutes walk from Shibuya station, right across from the Apple Store.

The attendance was tremendous, probably more people than we've ever seen at any of the weekly open house meetings! The new location is smaller than the old one, but in the short time they've been there they've managed to style it to feel just like Tokyo HackerSpace should: A friendly place full of hacker gadgets where likeminded people meet.

While there, we took the liberty of showing off our latest clock creation: The Akafugu Nixie Clock.

It is a clock kit that uses retro Nixie tubes. The particular type shown on this picture are IN-12 tubes. The PCBs are currently in production and we plan to start offering the kit (complete with all components and the acrylic enclosure) on our shop as soon as we have all the parts ready (within one to two months). The firmware will be Arduino-based and can be flashed from any computer with the Arduino IDE installed using an FTDI adapter.

We will hold a couple of soldering workshops at the Tokyo HackerSpace. The first will be for null, our 4-digit LCD clock kit, perfect for beginners to soldering. After that, we will hold a workshop for the Nixie clock.

We will announce timing for the workshop later on here!