MENWIZ together with TWILCD



One of our customers told us about this small marvellous library:MENWIZ is an easy to use Character LCD Menu Generator written for Arduino. It was written to be used together with the New LiquidCrystal library, but with some small changes it can also be used together with our own TWI/I2C LCD backpack

null. The picture above shows the TWILCD running a Newhaven OLED display.

We copied the MENWIZ library and the button library (included in the in MENWIZ) to Arduino's library folder. Below is a diff of the things we had to change in the library to get the quick_tour example running.

The MENWIZ runs equally well on 2x16 as it does on 4x20 displays. It should also work with our TWILCD 4x40 version board and display.

We are looking forward to hear what our customers are doing with MENWIZ and TWILCD.

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