Suntory Espressoda - review



This has absolutely nothing to do with electronics, sorry! :)

Living in Japan is special, summertime is filled with festivals, people wearing Yukatas (a casual summer kimono) and of course limited edition products.

One of the most common points of experimentation for limited edition products is soft drinks. Pepsi always have a limited edition of a soda at summer time each year (the most famous of which include such classics as Ice Cucumber (2007) and Salty Watermelon Pepsi (2012). Needless to say, Ice cucumber didn't actually contain any cucumbers, only essence)

This year Suntory had a brilliant idea, people like soda and they like coffee. Let's fuse them together! And the result is Suntory Espressoda "A twist of bold coffee and refreshing soda".

The result? Although it is not disgusting, it is not really great either. It tastes, not surprisingly like combining a bland ice coffee with a no-name soda.

We give it two sparkling coffee cups out of five.

More info can be found on Suntory's homepage (in Japanese only)