VFD Modular Clock kit contents update


We recently changed one of the resistors included in our VFD Modular Clock kits from a 2.4kΩ resistor to a 1.6kΩ resistor.

This resistor is used to set the high voltage generated by the clock. With a 2.4kΩ resistor the voltage is about 26V, but with an 1.6kΩ one it increases to around 38V.

This increase in voltage will lead to a slightly higher maximum brightness for the display, which some customers have requested.

If you have a kit with a 2.4kΩ resistor, there is no need to change it unless you specifically need higher brightness. We do not recommend using a resistor value below 1.6kΩ as this will lead to diminished tube life and may cause instability.