New firmware for Simpleclock


We've updated the firmware on Simpleclock, our easy-to-solder 4-digit LCD clock kit!

The new firmware includes the following new features:

  • Date setting
  • Date automatically scrolls across the screen once every minute
  • Auto DST (rules are hardcoded, so this feature is turned off by default)

New kits are shipping with the new firmware already installed. To update your own firmware, you will need an FTDI adapter.

The new features can be controlled from the menu:

  • BRIGHTNESS - Sets the display brightness
  • 24H - Toggles between 24h and 12h mode
  • YEAR - Sets the year
  • MNTH - Sets the month
  • DAY - Sets the day
  • ADTE - Auto date: Turn on to have date scroll across the screen once a minute
  • REGN - Sets date format to match your region: YMD, DMY or MDY.
  • DST - Turns on/off automatic DST

Big thanks to William Phelps who made the Date setting and Auto DST!

William is also working on a huge feature update for VFD Modular Clock that includes all the features added to Simpleclock as well as lots of new stuff:

  • GPS support! Just add a GPS receiver to the TX/RX pins of your VFD Modular Clock and time and date will be set automatically * Auto dimming: Dims the display at night
  • Four Letter Word support: The FLW support we added a while back will be integrated and become part of the main firmware.
  • Improved menu system with submenus

If you're interested in trying out the new firmware, it can be found at Github in the date_and_gps branch

You'll need an ISP programmer to update VFD Modular Clock.

The Four Letter Word functionality will still require an EEPROM. We will offer a small add-on board with a pre-programmed EEPROM for sale. Feel free to mail us if you are interested in early access to the EEPROM board!