New Product - Four Letter Word Generator add-on


About a year agowe published an article about adding a Four Letter Word generator to our null.

The result was a Four Letter Word (FLW) generator based on a real-life word association dictionary. It requires an EEPROM to run, so it was a bit cumbersome to set up.

To make it easier for anyone to add Four Letter Word functionality, either to their

null or to any Arduino project, we've made a small add-on board. It comes with a pre-programmed EEPROM and we've create a simple Arduino library.The board is available here

Usage with VFD Modular Clock

The latest firmware supports the FLW Addon.

To update the firmware you will require an ISP programmer.See our guide for details.

The Four Letter Word Generator add-on board can be soldered directly to the expansion header of the IV-17 shield or underneath the base board.

Usage with Arduino

Get our Arduino library from github!

Just hook up VCC, GND, SDA and SCL and run the simple example included in the library to see four letter words generated in the serial console.

Depending on the board and whether or not you have other I2C/TWI devices attached at the same time, you may also need to add pull-up resistors to the SDA and SCL lines (around 4.7k)