New Product - Vetinari Clock


It is no secret that we're fascinated by clocks at Akafugu. We're also big fans of the hugely popular Discworld series by the venerable Sir Terry Pratchett.

Lord Vetinari is one of the many recurring characters in the series. He is a powerful man, and the ruler of the biggest city on Discworld, Ankh-Morpork.

He is in possession of a very strange clock: It ticks irregularly but still keeps accurate time. It hangs in his waiting room, and is designed to be unnerving for the people who are waiting to meet him.

We've turned this concept into an easy to solder electronics kit!Available now in our store, either bundled with a wall clock to modify or standalone so that you can modify your own clock!

The concept and firmware is based on a design by Simon Inns, and everything is released asopen source hardware.

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