New Product - VFD Modular Clock IV-18


Now available in the store: The IV-18 VFD Modular Clock.

We sold this version of the clock at Maker Faire Tokyo 2013, and ran out of PCBs, so we had to delay launching it on our site until today.

IV-18 is a elongated single-tube 8-digit 7-segment VFD tube, giving the clock a significantly more compact look than the other available display tubes.

At the same time, we're also releasing a custom enclosure for the IV-18 shield that we think gives the clock a very compact and stylish look:

The IV-18 display shield comes in two compact PCBs, and just like the IV-4 and IV-6 shields, it comes with half-cut holes for super-easy mounting of the display tube.

Click here to buy the IV-18 Clock
Click here to buy the IV-18 Enclosure