New Product - Diet Nixie


Finally available in our store: Diet Nixie, our new Nixie clock.

Diet Nixie is a fun to build stylish clock kit that uses old-fashioned neon Nixie tubes.

Nixie tubes were once the dominant type of display in early electronics devices such as multimeters, calculators and military equipment. A nixie tube contains a single anode in the form of a wire mesh and usually ten cathodes, generally in the shapes of the numbers 0-9. Nixies with other symbols are also common. By applying around 170-180 volts between a cathode and the anode, the cathode will light up in its characteristic yellow neon glow.

The Diet Nixie clock comes as a kit with all easy to solder PTH components. A stylish semitransparent smoke black acrylic case is included. Fully assembled it makes a stylish and practical desktop clock.

We originally designed and built this clock over a year ago, but we ran into some supply issues for the Nixie tubes, so it's been on the backburner until now.