Xmegaduino beta5 released!


First of all we are sorry that it has taken so long between beta4 and beta5.

A lot has happen since the beta4 release. The 1.5.x releases of Arduino are currently in beta, but to be able to proceed with releases in the future we decided to go with the 1.5.x line.

Lately Arduino has also started looking at updating the compiler (something Xmegaduino desperately needs as the Xmega series is not supported in the avr-gcc version that is shipping with Arduino.)

Beta 5 contains:

  • New avr-gcc 4.8.1 for all platforms (including support for the USB versions of Xmega and very recent chips)
  • A new library structure
  • Some of the libraries have been rewritten to use the SPI library (eg SD library)

Get the new Xmegaduino beta5 here! For linux users, please rename to .tar.gz.

Please give the new beta a test-spin and report any problems in github's issue tracker!