Updated Product - The Akafugu Nixie Clock 3.0


Now available in our store: The Akafugu Nixie Clock version 3.0.

We've added mounting socket pins to the Nixie tubes. This will make it much easier to swap out tubes if you accidentally break one.

The high voltage power supply has also been revised to provide better efficiency, and thus overall less power consumption.

The firmware has not changed between version 2 and version 3. Also, the version 2 and version 3 boards are all freely interchangable.


  • Socket pins added to the nixie tubes
  • New design for high voltage supply for better efficiency
  • Potentiometer to set voltage dropped and replaced by 1 % resistors
  • Various minor fixes to the routing of all the boards

Due to the extra cost of the mounting socket pins, and the fact that the nixie tubes have become more expensive, we've unfortunately had to increase the price. Since there are many people who have waited for the clock for a while now, we will compensate by offering a limited time coupon to bring the price back to the original level. Enter the coupon code NIXIEOLDPRICE when checking out. The coupon is valid for two weeks starting today.