Explaining CON/con parts for MDC Luna machines



For the MDC Pick&Place machine the unofficial guide from PLECTER LABS (link here) is very good to get you started. It has a wide range of parts explained very throughly. As a small contribution to the community here is our explaination of the CON/con part for connectors.

CON/con is checked with bottom vision (Lv=27) and just like other parts, Pt and W has special meanings. As with example CAP/cap, the difference between CON and con is only the orientation.

For our connector these are the values we used:

Part Nozzle X Y Pt W Thick LunaVis TS Level Type
Slide switch 2 6.7 3.7 1.3 0.4 1.1 127 60 1 con


Y describes the overall width of the component. X describes the length between the outer leads of the connector. Just as other LV=27 parts, Pt and W are here the dimensions of the checking window that limits the lead search field of view.

As you can see, we specified the overall length of the part instead of the length between the leads and thus had to increase Pt to get the leads in view.

Is seems that all MDC Luna machines (LUNA EXP NX (77xxFV), Luna PPP-1, Luna PPPII, etc) use the same format.

Here are some picture from the teaching window when checking this part: