Install Akafugu boards and libraries in Arduino 1.5.6 and up


New in Arduino 1.5.6 is a Board Manager that makes it much easier to install libraries. All Akafugu libraries are available for download within Arduino IDE by using the Board Manager.

Here are the instructions:

Install Arduino

If you do not already have the Arduino IDE installed, you can download the full Arduino IDE from homepage.

Akafugu Boards

Step 1


Go to Preferences and add the following to Additional Boards Manager URLs: by comma if you already have other URLs)

Step 2


Go to "Tools/Board/Boards Manager..." Akafugu will show up in the list, click install.

Step 3


The new boards will now appear in Boards menu.

Akafugu Library Packages


From Arduino version 1.5.6 all Akafugu libraries are available in the new Library Manager. Go to "Sketch/Include Library/Manage Libraries..." and search for Akafugu.