The cMoy Headphone Amplifier is a headphone amplifier kit suitable for use with portable audio equipment, smartphones, computers etc.

The cMoy is a minimalist headphone amplifier based around a single dual-channel opamp. It is based on a design well-known in the DIY Audio community. We've made it into an open source hardware kit that is easy to assemble for anyone looking for a starting point into the world of DIY audio.

We use high-quality parts sourced in Japan, including Rubycon capacitors and a OPA2134PA
opamp. The potentiometer is a 10kΩ ALPS potentiometer with built-in on/off switch.

The cMoy comes as a kit, and includes the PCB board and all the components you need.

An optional brushed aluminum case with custom panels that houses the amplifier is also available. It is made in Japan by Takachi.

The only thing you will need to add yourself is a 9V battery, audio cable (mini jack male-male) and headphones.

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Standard enclosure

Deluxe enclosure

(NOTE: Audio cable is also available in our shop. Due to shipping restrictions, we do not sell 9V batteries.)