The TWI Keyboard is an easy to use keyboard and LED controller board that can be controlled using the TWI (I2C compatible) protocol. The buttons are all debounced and support key up, key down and key repeat events. 7 buttons and 5 LEDs are supported (two of the buttons and LEDs are external, the remaining ones can be soldered directly to the board

It is super-easy to control with any microcontroller that supports the TWI protocol. Libraries for Arduino and avr-gcc are available onGitHub.

Only four wires are required for operation, one for power (runs on both 3.3V and 5V), one for ground, and two for the TWI protocol.


  • 5 input buttons and 3 LEDs
  • 2 ports for external buttons as well as 2 ports for external LEDs
  • Buttons are all debounced
  • Key up, key down and key repeat events
  • LED brightness can be set for each LED
  • Automatic pulse function for the LEDs
  • Arduino library and Low-level avr-gcc library (available at GitHub)
  • Open Source Firmware (available at GitHub)
  • Programmable TWI Bus Address
  • On-board ISP header for upgrading firmware