Assembly Instructions

The TWILCD Display requires some simple assembly for use. You will need basic soldering skills to assemble it: If you can solder normal through the hole (PTH) components, you will be able to assemble it.

There are two different TWILCD boards available, each suitable for a different range of connectors. Each type of connector has its own assemly instructions.


To assemble this kit, you will need:

  • A soldering iron
  • Solder
  • A wire cutter (a diagonal type that allows you to cut the wires as close to the soldering points as possible is best)
  • Helping hands or clips to hold the PCB in place when soldering (a vise will also work)


  • A multimeter
  • Desoldering wick
  • Solder sucker
  • Protective glasses

See the equipment page for more details.

Step 1: Board assembly

The first step is to solder headers for the TWI/I2C connector. Look at the instructions that match the version you have.

TWILCD (standard version)TWILCD (40x2/40x4/RGB)


Step 2: Display assembly

TWILCD with bundled display

There are two different display bundles available in our shop. Chose the assembly instructions for the type you have:

Compact display bundle: (comes with TWILCD standard)

RGB display bundle: (comes with TWILCD 40x2/40x4/RGB)

TWILCD board-only version

If you bought the TWILCD board-only version, please follow the instructions that match the connector on your display.

TWILCD Standard

This is a common connector for many 1x16/2x16/2x20/4x20 character displays. The 1x16 connector is for displays with a backlight, the 1x14 connector is for displays without a backlight.

This special connector is used on many displays from the manufacturer Sunlike (and possibly some other manufacturers). The compact display bundle we sell in our shop uses a display with this connector.

A common connector used for many 1x16/2x16/2x20/4x20 character displays. Backlit displays that have this connector typically have separate connectors for the backlight. Look for two soldering holes marked A and K on the display.

TWILCD 20x4/40x4/RGB

This special connector is used on RGB backlit displays from the manufacturer Newhaven (and possibly some other manufacturers)

This connector is used for some 40x2 character displays with a backlight.

This connector is used for 40x4 character displays.