New Product - ProjectBox for Arduino


Arduino prototyping in style: Introducing the Project Box for Arduino, a a tailor-made box enclosure for Arduino boards!

The enclosure is fully compatible with the new R3 Arduino layout (as used in the new R3 UNO boards, Arduino Leonardo, and our own null board. This layout has extra connectors pins as well as a new placement for the reset button). The enclosure also supports all other pre-R3 original Arduino boards.

The enclosure uses slim 2mm thick acrylic giving it a compact and slender appearance (in contrast to the more common 3mm thickness). Careful attention was paid during the engineering process to make the case fit neatly together by utilizing four nylon screws and nuts.

The case is available in four different color schemes: There is transparent with colored edge cuts and semi-transparent smoke gray. The colored edge acrylic is transparent, but all the cut edges have a color cast to them, they are available in blue-, green-, ultraviolet-, and pink edge colors.

The removable top plate of the enclosure features another engineering innovation: Carefully cut slots allow you to remove the top plate by gently squeezing the side of the plate and tilting it up. A miniature breadboard (not included) can be fastened on top of the top plate to allow easy and compact prototyping without a shield.

Project Box for Arduino is designed and manufactured by Emerge+, a small company located in Chiba City, Japan. (located in Chiba prefecture, just east of Tokyo). Emerge+ specializes in laser cutting, and we are proud to offer their products for the first time internationally!