The Akafuino L is a microcontroller board based on the Atmel Atmega32U4 microcontroller.

The Akafuino L can run Arduino sketches, and is compatible with the Arduino IDE (version 1.0.1 or newer). As an added bonus, it comes with an on-board 3-axis accelerometer (open source Arduino library available).

Highlights of the Akafuino L:

  • Comes with Arduino Leonardo compatible bootloader installed (built-in USB communication)
  • Arduino form factor, compatible with tons of Arduino shields
  • 5V and 3.3V regulators on board
  • MMA8453Q 10-bit I2C Accelerometer onboard with full Arduino library available
  • Extra TWI/I2C header for easy connection to any external Akafugu TWI-based products
  • SPI header for access to hardware SPI pins
  • Compatible with all Akafugu Arduino libraries and products such as null and null.
  • 23 digital I/O pins (7 PWM and 12 analog inputs)
  • 16MHz crystal oscillator
  • 32kb flash memory (4kb used by bootloader)
  • 2.5kb SRAM and 1kb EEPROM
  • Can be powered by a wall-wart AC/DC adapter up to 12V (9V recommended)