Comes with adjustable RGB backlighting!

With beautifully styled PCB decorations on front and back plates
Front and back plates are part of the enclosure for a unique "modern meets retro" look. The side plates are laser cut acrylic in semi-transparent smoke black, allowing you to get a glimpse of the clock's inner workings.

Unique and simple control scheme: Everything is set using a single rotary encoder with button (and alarm on/off switch on right side). Turn the rotary encoder to set RGB backlighting mode. Hold the button down to cycle between setting alarm, time and custom settings.
Comes in a kit of three separate PCBs: Easy to solder Trough-the-hole (PTH) parts only. The small SMT parts come pre-assembled.
Russian top-view IN-12 Nixie tubes.
Powered from a single 9V (or 12V) AC adapter. The 180V high voltage required to run the nixie tubes is generated from the 9V DC supply.
Uses an Atmega328P microcontroller with Arduino bootloader and firmware preloaded. The firmware is written in Arduino, and is fully open source. Anyone can reprogram their Nixie clock using a simplenull and a USB mini-b cable. (Cable not included. FTDI adapter is available as an extra option in the shop. Other brands of FTDI adapter are also usable)

The Akafugu Nixie Clock is a fun to build stylish clock kit that uses old-fashioned neon Nixie tubes.

Nixie tubes were once the dominant type of display in early electronics devices such as multimeters, calculators and military equipment. A nixie tube contains a single anode in the form of a wire mesh and usually ten cathodes, generally in the shapes of the numbers 0-9. Nixies with other symbols are also common. By applying around 170-180 volts between a cathode and the anode, the cathode will light up in its characteristic yellow neon glow.

The Akafugu Nixie clock comes in a 3 PCB modular design with a unique look that incorporates the PCB board into the case: The front and back panel are PCB boards, with smoke black acrylic lining the sides. The result is a strikingly simple and compact Nixie clock that combines modern and retro looks.

The clock is controlled and set using an innovative method involving a single push-button rotary controller and three indicator LEDs on the display board.


  • Comes as a kit complete with acrylic case
  • 4 IN-12 Nixie tubes and two LED separator dots
  • Selectable RGB backlight for the tubes
  • High-precision DS3231M Real Time Clock for accurate timekeeping
  • Controlled using a push-button rotary controller
  • Dedicated on-off switch for alarm
  • ATMega328P microcontroller with Arduino bootloader
  • Open-source Arduino-based firmware, easy for anyone to understand and modify
  • Controller booard can drive up to 6 digits


This product generates high voltages (180V~200V) and can be dangerous if handled improperly.