Arduino IDE with Akafugu Libraries


The sourcecode for our Arduino libraries for all our products are available at GitHub.

We provide both Arduino and avr-gcc libraries. If you need the avr-gcc libraries, please get them directly from GitHub

To make it easier for everyone to utilize our libraries with the Arduino IDE we provide them as part of the new Arduino Library manager from Arduino 1.5.6 and up:

Install Arduino

If you do not already have the Arduino IDE installed, you can download the full Arduino IDE from homepage.

Akafugu Boards

Step 1


Go to Preferences and add the following to Additional Boards Manager URLs: by comma if you already have other URLs)

Step 2


Go to "Tools/Board/Boards Manager..." Akafugu will show up in the list, click install.

Step 3


The new boards will now appear in Boards menu.

Akafugu Library Packages


From Arduino version 1.5.6 all Akafugu libraries are available in the new Library Manager. Go to "Sketch/Include Library/Manage Libraries..." and search for Akafugu.

Our Libraries

Currently, the following libraries are available:


This library is for controlling theTWI 7-segment Display

It allows you to easily add a flashy 4-digit 7-segment display to your Arduino using just four wires: Two for the TWI/I2C protocol, VCC and GND.


This library is for controlling theTWI Keyboard

The TWI Keyboard gives you super-easy access to input buttons for your Arduino, as well as LEDs that can be set on, off, pulsing or to any brightness.

You just need four wires: Two for the TWI/I2C protocol, VCC and GND.


This library is for controlling theTWILCD

The TWILCD is a backpack for common dot matrix text displays that use the HD44780 chip (most available 16x2/20x2/16x4/20x4 etc. displays use this chip). It is compatible with the Arduino DotMatrix library, and any sketch that uses the standard library can be switched to use this library instead.

You just need four wires: Two for the TWI/I2C protocol, VCC and GND.

WireRtcLib Library

This library supports Dallas Real Time Clocks. Currently, theDS1307and theDS3231 as well as DS3231M are supported.

The libary autodetects which chip you have installed, and supports setting and getting time and alarm for both chips. The DS1307 has on-board SRAM that is also supported. The DS3231(M) has several extra functions for using it as an oscillator that are also fully supported.

MMA845Q Accelerometer Library

Library for Freescale Semiconductor MMA8451Q, MMA8452Q and MMA8453Q accelerometers.