The Akafugu Nixie Clock generates potentially lethal voltages of 180-190V DC.

Touching the live wires and pads on the clock while it is running is dangerous! At best it will give you a very unpleasant shock, but if you are unlucky it will be dangerous and potentially lethal.

Only people who are familiar with working with live AC voltages and equipment should assemble this board.

When you are working with the clock, always follow these precautions:

  • Never touch or work on any of the boards when power is applied. This applies even to small things such as adjusting a wire or slightly moving a chip or component with your hands. Always remove power first!

  • After removing power, allow at leat 30 seconds for the high voltage to dissapate before touching anything.


Under normal usage, with the board properly assembled and the acrylic case installed, the clock is safe to touch even with power on. Please note that this is a DIY kit, and actual safety will depend on the manner in which the board is assembled.

To be safe, we recommend always unplugging power, even when you just want to move the clock. The absolute safest method is to touch only the acrylic when moving the clock.


Akafugu will not accept any responsibility for any injuries or damages that arise from the usage and assembly of the clock. If you are unwilling to accept this, please return the unassembled kit for a full refund.


The Akafugu Nixie Clock is a modular device, and comes on three separate PCB boards. Each board has its own section. Assembly should be done in order.

There are three versions of the clock available: versions 1, 2 and 3. Version 3 clocks have "mk3" printed on the box label. Version 2 clocks have "mk2" printed on the box label.

The control board and display board are different between versions 1 and 2, but the power board is the same.

All three boards have changed for version 3.

Version 3 Assembly

Version 2 Assembly

Version 1 Assembly